The Magician’s Quest

This is a fantasy story in two parts. It is about a Master Magician who has lived many lives. He achieves this by finding a remote cave, doing magic and sleeping for a year to wake up as a young man.

In this story he decides that he will come back as a magician/knight with enhanced magical weapons. Story takes place in Helfing. King of Kytan invades Helfing. The King & Queen are killed. The magician/knight, Sir Stefan, rescues Princess Sophie and her maid, Marta, from the invading forces. He retakes her parent’s castle and then helps to rebuild and fortify it against attack from the King of Kytan. He marries the Princess, now Queen Sophie and they have two children. He becomes King.

King of Kytan attacks castle and is defeated. He retreats to Kytan. Still a garrison of Kytan soldiers in Helfing. Stefan takes a force of elite Rangers and destroys the garrison.

The second part sees assassins of the Brotherhood hired by King of Kytan travelling to Helfing to kill Stefan and Sophie. They kill Sophie. Stefan finds the Island fortress of assassins and kills all the assassins. He learns that King of Kytan hired them. Return to Helfing, Stefan marries Marta and makes her Queen.

Invasion of Kytan by Helfing army. A garrison of Kytan soldiers totally destroyed, next garrison surrenders rather than face annihilation. Stefan arrives at Castle, where King of Kytan resides. Ultimatum given to occupants to hand over King. King of Kytan given to Stefan without a fight; he has gone mad. King executed for his crimes. Stefan becomes King of Kytan.

Three Kytan nobles challenge Stefan for throne of Kytan. Battle follows, nobles killed. The economy of Kytan restored. Return to Helfing. Other children born to Marta.

Stefan now old man sets off to find his cave to regenerate again.